Creating music for a AAA game. Case study: Star Citizen

This session will explore all aspects of music production for any high profile project, such as a AAA game. 1 - Necessary musical training, digital scoring and coordination with live musicians scoring, Audiokinetic Wwise implementation of an interactive music structure (different approaches, strengths and weaknesses), creating your own instruments in Kontakt, sampling your own private orchestra, throughout revision of most software libraries, synths and DAWs, explaining the art of mixing and mastering, knowing your weaknesses, budgeting, cooperation with synth designers and sound designers to increase your production quality level. 2 - How to keep your listener interested in a track throughout time? 3 - Large number of examples for every single topic and how they, eventually, contributed to allow Star Citizen grow from an indie to a multi million dollar IP. 4 - "Ask me anything" :)


11:30 - 12:10


Azure B Auditorium (floor 0)


Visual Arts & Sound


Pedro Macedo Camacho (Cloud Imperium Games)


Miniclip Bfives Bica Studios Nerdmonkeys Raindance LX Lisboa Games Week Emergency Agency
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