Videogames journalism: Brave new frontier

For years Portuguese video games journalism has probably been the country's biggest professional industry occupation. After the rise and fall of the magazine's golden age, new challenges arose. How could journalism survive in the internet age? Is the specialization becoming a central part for the success of a gaming website? How can they compete with video entertainers? This conference will reflect our heritage, the present, and the future of this glorious (and sometimes, misunderstood) profession. Ivan Barroso, video game historian and gaming journalist, leads the debate, among his peers: Miguel Nogueira (website "Rubber Chicken"), Pedro Romão (website "Bad Wolf", and TV's "Game On"), Pedro Moreira Dias (website "Salão de Jogos"), Pedro Nunes (ex-magazines "Maxiconsolas" and "BGamer").


14:30 - 15:10


Showroom (floor 0)




Ivan Barroso
Pedro Moreira Dias
Miguel Nogueira
Pedro Nunes
Daniel Silvestre
Pedro Romão


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