You probably dream all day of creating the next big game. Not the next Angry | Flappy thing, but *your* game. Your idea. The one that will get everyone to talk about it on the bus, on the beach, and will drive parents and bosses nuts all around the world. The one that will have video walkthroughs done by guys 1,000kms from you, and competitions of prizes that you only see in magazines. You’re probably already on your way to make it. Or you’re starting. And on your spare time of dreaming and building that dream, you visit those amazing conference sites for Game Creators like GDC, DEVELOP, and others – on your web browser, because you can’t (yet) make the trip. Or, heck, you just build games because you love them. We want to help you create that game – and take the next step with the ones you’re already building. Right here in Portugal.
That’s why we created the 2015 edition of Game Dev Camp together with some of the *hottest* names of the game developer industry, both from our country and Europe.
And we want you to be here. That’s why the registration for Microsoft Game Dev Camp is free (yup = 0€, 0$, 0#anythingyoucanrememberof) and is open *EXCLUSIVELY* to all the community of game developers – and especially the ones who are building games “made in Portugal” ;-) So, do you have a game, a startup, a project or even an idea in development for a game and you feel part of this community?
All you need to do is fill in the form below or send us an e-mail with your details to, proving us you deserve one of the super-limited spots (only about 400!) at this awesome moment in the Portuguese Game Dev industry! If you’re approved, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail that you can use to brag to everyone you know – with our endorsement!


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