Ricardo Escovinha

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In 2007 became a graduate in Comunication and Industrial Design and latter, 2009, concluded the master in Product Design. In 2008 had the opportunity to join the Microsoft family as designer trainee and simultaneously a guest teacher at IADE - Creative University, lecturing "Digital Methodologies of Representation 2D and 3D", and "Product Design Project" to the master classes. After a long period as a freelancer and a teacher, it was in 2012, when he gave a shot on beliving that “maybe dreams can come true”. Adding all the years of experience to studying and developing technics of Art and Design to CG, became a new, unpayed par-time job. Until 3 years later it payed of, and was hired by a great video game company, Gameloft, where he can now do what he loves the most... some magic :D

Ricardo Escovinha



Job Role:

2D & 3D Cover Art designer

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