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After a degree in Computer Science and Engineering at IST in Lisbon, Rui went to cold Norway to work as an AI programmer on Funcom's Age of Conan Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing game. Rui became lead programmer for that game and went on to lead all the technology endeavours at Funcom in 2008, leading and architecting Funcom's proprietary DreamWorld technology. In 2009, Rui moved to Montreal, Canada, to found Funcom's Canadian development studio, moving back to Norway in 2011 and launching The Secret World in 2012. Since then, Rui has launched the LEGO Minifigures Online game, the company's first cross platform game on Windows, OSX, Linux, Android and iOS. Having been involved with the management of the company for many years already, Rui became the CEO last May and is now focused on changing the company's strategy, securing financing and creating great games. In addition, he is involved with the local startup community in Oslo, having organized and been part of several Startup Weekend events.

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